Fun Ways To Learn Russian

Is there a way to learn a language, really?

Of course, there is!

It is our natural talent, our passion to speak to each other. This is why the communicative approach is so effective and fun. We love exchanging knowledge, share opinions, and play. Even if we learned just a handful of words, we start communicating right away.

Some of my new clients ask if I am going to make them do a lot of grammar. They scared of it because they’d had classes devoted to complicated grammar topics. It’s hard to understand and memorize, and it’s even harder to apply.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS for everyone who wants to learn how to speak. No need to memorize rules! Learning foreign languages is no different from learning your native language. We do it the same way kids do.

First word. First sentence. First question. First dialogue.

Communication is an exchange of information

Modern standards in learning foreign languages do not require us to remember grammar rules. Today we need to demonstrate abilities in communications or apply so-called Can-Do Statements to real-life situations.

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What to you want to order for lunch?
  • What is the difference between right and wrong?

We learn how to introduce yourself. How to find a way home. How to get a Russian joke or even make one in Russian. We get to know each other and influence each other. It’s a journey that we take together. Not only we learn a language but culture, traditions, similarities, and differences.

Grammar is a cipher.

We never notice this, but grammar is everywhere. There is no need in our native language in learning the basics because we learn it as kids, and use grammar intuitively.

So, what should we do with grammar when it comes to foreign languages?

Grammar starts with the question ‘How To Say That…

Grammar is a practical skill and not theoretical knowledge. To put it simple and plain, grammar is the way of deciphering what happened in the past, and what is going to happen in the future. To deliver your message correctly, you need to know How To Say That.

How do you say ‘My favorite meal is mashed potato with meatballs?’

Моё любимое блюдо – это картошка с фрикадельками.

How-To-Say Method proved to help to memorize complex and challenging grammar differences between languages. In its time all my students figure it out and start using grammar intuitively.

Do you want to try to learn some Russian?