Russian Conjugations

Conjugations are this weird grammar when we Russians change the endings of the verbs. There are some other ways to change the ending ina word in the Russian Language, but conjugations can be done to verbs and verbs only.

Russian Conjugations in Present Tense

Try to guess the endings of these two verbs in the present tense.


How did it go? Let’s talk some grammar.

All verbs in Russian could be split into 2 general groups. First, E-group, will get the same endings as the word Работать. Second, И-group, will get the same endings as the word Говорить. Even though the endings in these two groups are different, they’re still pretty close and have a similar structure.

Let’s try it out ad conjugate some Russian Verbs into Present Tense. To check if you did well with conjugating a giver verb listen to the audio.

VerbConjugation GroupTranslationAudio
СМОТРЕТЬИ-groupto look at
ЧИТАТЬЕ-groupto read
ГОТОВИТЬИ-groupto cook
ВЕРИТЬИ-groupto believe
ИГРАТЬЕ-groupto play

How did you do? Хорошо? Прекрасно? Идеально?

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