Russian Words For Furniture Game

Learning Russian words is a boring yet inevitable part of learning the Russian language. We created a Russian Words For Furniture game to make this easier and more fun.

Couch and woman learn Russian words about furniture
Do you know how to say Couch in Russian?

Connect the pictures to the Russian words and see if you guessed right. If you haven’t gotten something correctly, try it one more time! Visualizing helps your brain learn faster and more efficiently. You will know these words in no time!

The second game on Russian words for furniture you can find below the first one is called a memory game. You need to memorize the picture’s location and match it with the word to get rid of them 😂.

What is so good about the second game that you can actually HEAR the Russian word every time you click on it. Listening to the Russian words helps to memorize the written version and recognize this word in a conversation.

BTW, have you known that the Russian word КРОВАТЬ, which means BED, is actually a word that had a feminine gender? All Russian nouns have genders, which is a bit confusing (more information on genders in Russian here), but when it comes to the mound that ends with the soft sign (Ь)? Figuring out the gender is mostly guesswork.

Кровать – Feminine, Now you know it! 😂🤣

Learning Russian Words is important, but practicing them even more important. Sign up for our Conversation Club to practice your language with another Russian Language student or contact us for a Free Lesson with a professional tutor.

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