7 Ways To Say Hello In Russian

Hey, hello guys! How are you doing today? What’s up? Greetings are the very first thing that we learn in any language. Here are your 10 ways of how to say Hello in Russian. Find a perfect phrase for your case.

1 Way To Greet One Person or Many.

Here’s the thing. We Russians have two different ways of addressing a person depending on how close we are. The more formal and respectful way of saying “You” is the same as if we were addressing many people.

Therefore we have this one greeting that would work no matter how many people you’d like to greet. With one person it would sound even more respectful (and a bit formal). 😀🤣

Здравствуйте! – Hello!

3 Universal Greetings That Always Work

These ways of saying hello in Russian are the most traditional and polite. Another good thins that they absolutely similar to English ways to say Hello. It means they are much easier to remember.

The only con is that you need to keep in mind what part of the day is now.

Доброе утро! – Good morning!

Добрый день! – Good day!

Добрый вечер! – Good evening!

Just say Hi! Less formal ways to say Hello in Russian

Sometimes we don’t want to sound too official, or we need to show to our friends that we are on the same page. All 3 following greetings help us to say hello in Russian in a friendly and informal way.

Привет, как дела? – Hey, how are you doing?

Как поживаешь? – How is life treating you?

Что нового? – What’s new?

Saying Hello in Russian is just a beginning! There are so many words to express your feelings and thoughts. Don’t stop here, try to figure out what other words in Russian you do know 😁.