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How To Learn Russian Online

To learn Russian online is possible. Don’t listen to anyone who says different. Learning the languages on your own distantly is a relatively new way of studying and a very effective one. It helps to learn faster, more efficiently, and with the opportunity to communicate in the Russian language with the entire world of native Russian speakers. The Internet makes a lot of things easier, and education is one of them. To learn the Russian language online effectively, follow our 7 tips. Let’s go.

1. Read and listen

The Internet is words. No wonder its environment helps people to learn languages. But if you limit yourself by reading only you will never understand spoken language. A lot of self-educating learners manage to learn Russian Alphabet and start reading on their own, but when it comes to spoken language, they experience difficulties in spotting even the words that they know quite well.

To learn Russian online, use all the sources that provide you not only the words and translations but also the sound. The Internet is full of great podcasts and lessons that have audio support. If you feel you are ready for a hardcore experience? Listen to some Russian Radio station.

Read, listen, and connect what you hear with what you see, it helps tremendously to not only better understand the Russian language but also to speak.

2. Use Interactive Content

Games and Exercises that you can do in 5 minutes are the easiest and the most entertaining way to learn Russian online. Here at Speak Russian Online, we have lots of different exercises and interactive games that help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, and a general understanding of the Russian language.

Interactive content gives you a context, which is extremely important for solid and long-term memories of the words. Scientists have discovered that memorizing the words and expressions out of context is considered by our unconscious mind as unnecessary and unimportant when remembering the whole sentences that bring some meaning is considered as crucial.

Here you can read some more on Contextual Memorizing and its importance.

Try this interactive game and see what you will remember in a day or two.

3. Use Russian Memes

Tested! Funny stuff makes everything easier. Short jokes, funny pictures, and, of course, memes help to understand Russian grammar and enjoy it. We’ve started using funny content to show the Russian language in its real depth. On one hand, you have a challenging native-like level of Russian. On the other hand, there is always this Wow-moment when you get the joke or connect the dots. Wanna try it out?

There are thousands of funny memes to learn Russian online, but if you are too busy to look for them on your own, we’ve got you. Here is our collection of funny (and appropriate) memes in Russian. Don’t forget to cover the translation part at first. Give yourself some time to figure out the meaning.

4. Watch Russian Videos On Youtube

Even though nowadays more and more people prefer texting to actual live communication, speaking is and will be the hardest and the most desirable activity when it comes to the foreign languages. Reading is great, but in a real life we humans tent to prefer talking to each other.

Watching short and subtitled videos helps to learn Russian online and enjoy the entertaining content in the same time.

Try out this Beginner Level video and see how it feels compared to reading textbooks. I bet it is way more entertaining than dry word translation.

A combination of a video and exercise is also a popular form of self-educating online.

5. Do different things every day

Learning the Russian language is not one thing bit many. You are going to read, write, speak, and listen. To learn Russian online, you need to improve your Vocabulary Grammar, learn how to Read or Describe something in Russian.

Do something a little bit different every day. If you feel like you already know a lot of new words, try playing some Dialogue Games to put your new vocabulary to use.

Choose exercises with different purposes every day. Complete your studying with practicing. After all, we study to communicate, and with this, the Internet is golden.

6. Practice Russian Online

Practice makes perfect. This statement fits to the language studying just fine. The Internet has changed our understanding of communication. Nowadays we are unstoppable. No borders are a problem if we have our smartphones in our hands. There are thousands ways of learn Russian online, both free and paid.

  • Social media are the best free sours to communicate with native speakers;
  • Subscribe for speaking the podcast;
  • Enroll in the Conversation Club to speak and find new friends

7. Learn Russian Online with a tutor

I’ve been teaching Russian online for years, and over time figures that this way of one-on-one learning is the most convenient and effective. Online means whenever and wherever, which is pretty important for all of my students. But learning online is not only about convenient location and hours.

Online everything that might be useful for the lesson available in seconds. Along with using digital versions of classic textbooks, online we can play games together, find useful descriptions and explanations right away. Voice and a screen are all we need to form a bond that helps us move towards better ourselves.

Book your Free Online Lesson and check everything yourself!

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Tatiana Saenko is a linguist, an author, and a Russian Language tutor. Communication without limits and barriers is her goal.

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