Polite Or Impolite? Russian Phrases Quiz

Do you already know how to say some basic Russian Phrases? You are ready to dive into the ocean of communications? Let’s check some basics first. Do you know how to say hello? Are you able to make small talk in Russian?

Basic Russian Phrases

– Здравствуйте, как дела? – Hello, how are you doing?

– Что нового? – What’s new?

– Как погода? – How is the wheather?

– Видели новый фильм? – Have you seen a new movie?

Sounds familiar? Great! 👏👏👏

In the Russian language, the difference between a polite phrase and a rude one could be in one word or even a sound, and intonation. Here’s the quiz on 7 typical situations and questions that you might come across. All the questions could be answered in a polite or impolite way. 

Today I am challenging you to get a little bit further. Let me present 7 situations and questions that could be answered in a polite, impolite, and completely mean way.

Try to find the right answer (depending on what do you want to sound like ). I, for the obvious reason, hope that you will try to find the polite one😉. But I will totally understand if you aim for the other ones.

*BTW, under each question, there is an audio button. If you push that button, you will hear the right answer and its translation. Compare what you hear with what you see. 

Have fun!

How was it? I hope you did well or, at least, had fun. Learning the Russian Language is hard work, and I sincerely respect and admire each and every person who decided to endure this journey. If you feel comfortable enough to do it on your own, please use this website to get all the practice you need. You can also find me and learn together online.

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